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Responsiveness, Integrity, Knowledge & Support

The right product, on time, at the right price- that's standard operating procedure at Wolverine! All of your needs, large or small, out front or last minute, are processed efficiently by people who care while maintaining one of the best fill ratios in the country.

Customer service and customization are the hallmarks of Wolverine's business. We are flexible enough to deliver specialized packing options and large enough to offer the most competitive prices in the industry. Our trucks deliver to each of the contiguous 48 states every week, which means we can deliver a vast variety of proteins to your door on a timely basis.

Our staff of trained and experienced sales, procurement, and marketing personnel is there with up-to-the-minute information and market trends and are eager to help with planning, pricing. and program development.

Logistics and Tracking

We deliver nationwide and globally. Our dedicated logistics team makes sure you get your product when you need it. And our state-of-the-art inspection system allows for complete traceability from farm to fork.

Growing Your Business

Apply today and you will be connected to a Wolverine salesperson. Our knowledgable sales team is available 6 days a week to help you grow your business. Allow us to be your complete protein solution.

Taking Action for You

Wolverine has created partnerships with some of the largest packers in the U.S. along with partnering with some smaller more niche packers and producers as well. Depending on your need and level of specificity to feed/breed/price we can customize a program that fits your every need.

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Wolverine Packing Customer Application

  • We appreciate your interest in us and are excited to help you grow your business.
    Please note: Wolverine Packing Co. requires a minimum 5,000 lb. of product in order to be shipped directly to your door.




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